1pcs Diameter 6cm Squeaky Pet Dog Ball Toys for Small Dogs Rubber Chew Puppy Toy Dog Stuff Dogs Toys Pets brinquedo cachorro


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  • Is Smart Device: no
  • Origin: Mainland China

[Product name]: pet noise-making footprint ball toy

[Product size]: 7.5cm in diameter

[Commodity color]: random delivery

[Product description]: The beautiful enamel sounding toys satisfy the dogs’ playful psychology. It is made of enamel and has bright colors. It can train the ability of dogs to travel. It can help train your pets to learn to chase, catch and retrieve. The owner and pet can play together, which can improve the feelings between pets and owners. It can prevent pets from damaging furniture, shoes and wires.

[Product features]: With valve, dog bite can make a sound, attracting attention! On the one hand, toys can help dogs exercise, on the other hand, they can also satisfy their desire to bite, so dogs need toys to accompany them.



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